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Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013. Firstly, it was created as a platform where users can buy and sell bitcoins. As the company grew with its user base, new mining farms were built, and the company started investing more and more into developing the cryptocurrency cloud mining farms.


“The company was formed after the three founding partners realized there was a need for a legitimate cloud mining provider in an industry full of fraudulent companies.[4] From there they set out to offer cloud mining services to active users and new mainstream users. Genesis Mining launched in February of 2014.”

Over time with the adoption of new cryptocurrencies Genesis mining started offering services like dogecoin mining online, litecoin mining online, monero mining online, and many other altcoin cloud mining services.

Genesis mining is running a successful mining service that delivers great results for all the miners. while some other companies failed to create a brand, genesis mining with better mining contracts than other companies.

since I have seen some allegations against genesis mining, I decided to open an account myself and started mining with their dogecoin cloud mining service, I paid with dogecoin for the service, and they kept delivering their payments to me on time. For me, it was the best cloud mining experience from all other companies.

“We had quite a few users who have paid significantly too little. We then decided to let all orders go through. This was why there were some delays. ” – Marco Streng