top cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been trading over 16,000 USD. And it stays as the king of market capitalization. Also, it’s hard not to say the whales have been all around in the price manipulations with massive financial resources. Let us check the top cryptocurrency you need to look out for here.

Moreover, investment banks are actively working on the potential uses of blockchain tech, and are trying to build products for the Cryptocurrency trading.

Being said that, we think some other Altcoins would domineer the Cryptocurrency market alongside Bitcoin, and we list them here.

Top Cryptocurrency List


This blockchain solution is tailor-made for the Internet of things. Also, enables no fee transactions. An entirely different blockchain called Tangle (Directed Acyclic Graph) without a mining reward model.

Recently, the price of IOTA coin increased over fourfold (Over 400%). And it’s not going to stop there for sure.

Ripple (XRP)

A payment network majorly used by financial institutions for faster transactional settlement with confirmations times under five seconds.

The price used to be stable at 0.21 USD. And it had a massive growth with the trading price at 0.7 USD.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Everybody laughed at this project which is a hard fork of Bitcoin. And many thought it would become an absolute trash.

Guess What?

The BTG ranked 8th in terms of Market Capitalization. A huge success.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Born out of the debate to increase the Bitcoin blocksize, the Bitcoin cash has continuously been working to bring down the transactional costs with better blocksize limiting.

It saw a hard time as it has the same mining algorithm with Bitcoin. And out of it with a recent protocol upgrade.

Monero (XMR)

When it comes down to the privacy and anonymity, Monero smashes the deck hard. And it had always been speculated as a top 10 Cryptocurrency.

XMR is also on the upward trend alongside with Bitcoin. And it is no brainer to buy them in bulk.

Finally, Please let us know your thoughts and any other currencies you think has potential to make into this list of top cryptocurrency.